Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart is one of the most famous well liked composers to ever live. Mozart began playing and writing music with his family at a very early age, and was truly a child prodigy.  Mozart will probably rank among the first 5 composers you will want to expose your children to.

If you are unsure how to study a Composer Charlotte Mason Style, then please visit our Music/Composer Study page.

Below you will find resources and links to help you create your own study of Mozart.

I highly recommend Classics for Kids website.  This website is fun and informative for kids of all ages.  Let students take a break from regular lessons and learn about Mozart and other famous composers here.

Learn more about Mozart at Classics for Kids.com

Listen to some of  Mozart’s Music at Classics for Kids.com

CD Recordings & Audio Biographies

Living Books for Mozart Study

The books recommended are all amazing Living Books that are very enjoyable to read. They range in independent reading levels, but all of them make great read alouds. Even older kids enjoy listening to a simple easy reader read aloud by mom while snuggled up on the couch!

You Tube Videos

If you don’t have any Mozart music laying around and are either waiting for a cd to arrive in the mail, or to arrive at the library, you can listen to some of Mozart’s most famous pieces on youtube.  Just go to you tube and type in Mozart, you will get many videos to choose from.



If your children have read any of the living books mention above, let them use these Notebooking Pages to narrate all they remember about Mozart’s life and work.  Included in this set is Listening Sheets to document which pieces are your favorites, and timeline pages to use as you are reading to keep a mini timeline of the important events in Mozart’s life.  Just click on the image to go to a full details page and sample preview of our growing collection of Composer Notebooking sets.

Mozart Notebooking Pages

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