How Our Family Uses Our Nature Journals

Our Family Nature Journals

In our family everyone has their own Nature Journal. The kids can use these anytime they want, but Friday is our Nature Journaling day. I try to keep everyone on a schedule so that on Fridays at about 11 AM we are finished with all of our work, and the rest of the day is spent outside observing nature.

Nature Journals can be anything you want them to be. They may be as simple as a regular notebook or sketch pad, or a little more elaborate like ours.

Our Nature Journals are a three ring binder. We have dividers for different animal classifications, trees and flowers, and habitats. We have lots of notebooking pages in our Journal with pictures of different animals on them, like the ones we have for free here.  We also have empty page protectors in our notebooks  for storing anything we might find along our way.

Log Sketch with Watercolor Pencils

Log Sketch

Leaf Rubbings

Leaf Rubbing

We have a natural ebb and flow with the seasons.  During winter we tend to only have our nature walks every two or three weeks.  During Spring however, we are outside with our journals several times a week.

We keep the same nature journals year after year, adding to them.  When they become overloaded we take pages out and store them to make room for new pages.


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