What Is Notebooking?

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What is Notebooking?

What is Notebooking?

Notebooking is simply allowing your child to write and illustrate what they have learned about for any subject.  That’s it, it’s really that simple! Students may then compile their written pages into a Notebook to act as a record of all they have learned. 


How to Begin Notebooking?

Notebooking is very SIMPLE to begin…

  1. The easiest way to begin, as with most things, is to start slow.Start by choosing the subject you will Notebook.  I have found that Bible and History make great topics for beginning Notebookers.
  2. Make sure your child is reading a good, living book for that topic. If you will be notebooking your Bible reading, then you are reading the best living book ever written.
  3. Give your child a page he can use to write and illustrate about all he has learned.You may want to structure this more by giving them more direction with their writing, “Tell about the most important part of the story.”  What ever you feel is best. You can use plain paper, or pre-made template Notebooking pages like the ones for sale in our store.  You will be amazed at what your child remembers.  In this way you are not focusing on what a test says he should know, but rather what he has truly taken away from his studies.
  4. After the writing is completed you may want to give the child the opportunity to illustrate his page with drawings, images off the internet, maps, charts or whatever else he can think of.  Some children really don’t like to draw, like my son, so give them other options to decorate their page.
  5. File his page in a Notebook and keep adding to your Notebook throughout the year.
  6. The idea here is that the child is retelling what he knows in his own words and decorations, and then he may show it to all who will sit and listen.  In this way he is reviewing again and again what he has learned and teaching others too.Start slow, and make up your own rules.  There is no right or wrong here…just have fun!
We offer more in depth help in our “Info” and “How To’s” sections from the navigation bar at the top of this page.

Our Notebooking Pages

About Our Notebooking Pages

Bring the Entire family together to Notebook  Our N

otebooking Pages are created specifically to bring the entire family together. Each Notebooking set contains pages with both regular and primary lines.  Our newer Notebooking pages now contain small primary lines which are perfect for transitioning writers.

Variety and Versatility  We offer Notebooking sets across all subjects.  Our Notebooking sets have many, many page layouts for you to choose from, and accommodate elementary through high school ages.

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pages come to you in a pdf download.  Once you purchase a product you will have access to that product forever.  This means you never have to worry about loosing or misplacing your files.  Simply come back to our site, log in, and re-download your files.  Our products are non-consumable and can be printed again and again for all of your children through out the years you homeschool.

Perfect for Any Teaching Style  Our Notebooking pages can be incorporated into the curriculum you are already using.  No matter what curriculum or teaching style you use our Notebooking Pages will make a perfect addition to your studies.


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