Shakespeare Notebooking Pages (Growing Collection)

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NOTE: This page is a Growing Collection of Shakespeare Notebooking Pages…New pages will be added below frequently.

Shakespeare Notebooking Pages (Growing Collection
Adding Shakespeare to your homeschool studies, even in the younger years, can be very rewarding.  Not only was he the greatest playwright of all time, but his use of language to express ideas and thoughts are unparalleled, and every student should have the joy of experiencing at least some of his great works.

Following the ideas of Teaching the Classics, these notebooking pages can be used to explore the different elements of each play such as Characters, Setting, Plot, Climax, Resolution and Theme. There are also pages for students to note Literary Devices Shakespeare used.

There are too, of course, regular notebooking pages also for children to simply retell what the story was about.

These pages will make a beautiful Shakespeare Notebook that you can keep adding to over the years. These pages are very practical and my children are using them in their own studies of Shakespeare.

There is no curriculum included with these sets.  You can use the pages in the manner that you choose.  If you would like some help in teaching your child about the elements of a story, I highly recommend using Teaching the Classics. It provides ample practice for children to recognize story elements and literary devices.

There are also lots of extras to to make your notebook a little more interesting, such as dividers for comedies, tragedies and histories; also timeline pieces and copywork pages for some of Shakespeare's most famous quotes.

All play sets include:

  • Cover Sheets for Notebook
  • 9 different layouts of pages
  • All pages are in regular and small primary lines
  • Literary Devices Page
  • Definitions Pages
Story Elements Pages for:
  • Setting
  • Characters
  • Plot
  • Theme
  • Conflict
  • Exposition
  • Rising Action
  • Climax
  • Denouement
  • Conclusion
View Sample : Hamlet Notebooking Pages

Note: This set is a growing collection of Shakespeare's plays and pages. New pages and full sets are added frequently.
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Current Shakespeare plays and topics (This is a Growing collection of pages…More to come!)

Romeo and Juliet




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