The Blessings of Homeschooling

If you have been homeschooling for very long, no doubt you already know just how lucky you are.  I am sure that if asked you could easily rattle of at least 10 perks of being a homeschool family.  Well, today I actually soaked it in; those wonderful blessings of being able to be at home with my kids.

We came to our family dining room table at our usual meeting time, 9:30 a.m.  My daughter was bright eyed and busy tailed, ready to dive into a new science curriculum, and announced she wanted to double up on her math assignments so as to move through her math book in double speed, and move up a level in math.

So, off she went to conquer the world, math book in hand.  When we met for our usual oral narration time, she explained that she had read ahead in her history and literature reading today, and planned on pursuing this doubling up routine for as long as she could.  I was very excited to hear that she was motivated to work ahead, and of course she could, why wouldn’t I want that, as long as she was absorbing the material?

She worked at double speed today, and even took some time to write another chapter in her novel, A Wolf Story.  In addition she wrote a very detailed Notebooking page for the Black Plague…and it was indeed a great day for her.

What a joy it was to watch her dive into her studies and push herself forward with that inward motivation that we all long for and desire in our lives.  Homeschooling enabled her to thrive and grow today.

My son, however, was having quite a different day

He arrived at our morning meeting groggy eyed, and could barely sit up.  It was 9:30 a.m., but he was far from being awake and ready to do his work.  What was the matter?  He wasn’t sick, but rather just extremely tired.  I analyzed the situation, and pondered the idea that he was going through a growing spurt and his body was simply craving more sleep than he usually required. Indeed, he  has been growing recently.

Lovingly, I grabbed him a pillow and a blanket and laid him down on the couch.  “It’s okay, just lay back down a little longer, and when you wake back up you will be ready to get to get to that school work,” I whispered.  He smiled really big, laid down, and fell right to sleep.  All the while my daughter plugged away at her world conquest.

Around 11:00 my son awoke, bright eyed and ready to go.  That extra sleep was just what he had needed to be able to get through his day.  He jumped right into his studies, completed everything that was assigned, and had a great day.  He did not work ahead like his sister, but that is okay, he wasn’t required to.  He is not exhibiting motivation to jump ahead in his studies and that is just fine as long as he stays on track where he needs to be.

Today,  homeshool enabled my son to have flexibility to get that extra sleep he so very much needed.  Had he not gotten that sleep he might not have been able to focus as well as he did, and might not have gotten all of his work completed so well.

I thank God for those days when Homeschooling works so well.  I felt the benefits; I treasured this day.  It is easy to rattle of a list of reasons why you homeschool, but is is a wonderful thing when you can soak in those moments of truth as they are happening.

What about you?  Do you have these days too?  I would love to hear about them.




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