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I Love making Notebooking Pages, and I Love sharing them with you.

Join the Notebooking Gallery and get immediate access to all of the Notebooking Products I have available.  For only $5.50 per year you will have unlimited access and downloads of my entire collection of products.

Yep, you read it right…only $5.50 per year!

“I have been so blessed to be able to stay at home with my kiddos, and I want to be a blessing in return.

I know that many homeschool parents have a tight budget since they are usually living on just one income. I want to offer up what I do for just a small fee, and bless other homeschool moms.  That is where my heart is.

You know that ‘Wow’  feeling you get when you come across a deal or a sale that is just too good to be true?  I want every homeschool mom that comes to this site to walk away with that ‘Wow’ feeling. ”

What Does Your Notebooking Gallery Membership Include?
  • Member’s Only Download Center

    Get access to our private Member’s Only Download Center. Here you will be able to download every product and page available.
  • Unlimited Downloads

    There is absolutely no limit on how many times you can download each file and page. This makes it easy if you choose not to save the files to your computer. You can visit your Download Center daily to print out the files or pages that you need.
  • Instant Downloads

    Upon Membership signup you will have immediate access to everything we have in our Notebooking Store.
  • Free Updates for 1 Full Year

    Receive Free Updates for each year that you remain a member. What are updates? Updated include file error corrections, new additional pages added and ANY other changes that are made. You will always be notified when a file has been updated and all files in your Download Center will always be the most up to date and current files.

  • All New Products Added for 1 Full Year

Get instant access to all New products we add!  I add new Products as I have time to create them. There is no set amount of new products released throughout the year, although I usually have quite a few sets in the works.  As I finish and publish them, they will be made available to you.  You will get access to everything new we add for an entire year.
  • Locked in Renewal Rate

Currently the yearly Gallery Membership renewal rate is $5.50. Once you become a Gallery Member you are locked in to this rate even if our membership price increases, for as long as you remain a member. Remember that each year your Gallery Membership increases in value as new products and pages are added!

ABC copywork notebooking pages

ABC Copywork Notebooking Pages

Ancient Egypt Notebooking Pages

Ancient Egypt Notebooking Pages



Quality Features of our Notebooking Pages

  • Homeschool Mom Friendly

    Use our Notebooking pages with as many children as you wish from grades K-12.  Print up as many pages as you need whenever you need them. Perfect for large homeschooling families. There is no limit on download times or usage.

  • Regular and Primary Lines

    Almost all of our pages come in both Regular and Primary lines. Some sets also include our small primary lines to make transiting to regular lines easy, or for your beginning cursive young writer. 

    Independence Day Notebooking Pages
    Independence Day Notebooking Pages
  • Wide Variety of Topics

    We have Notebooking pages across all subjects and are adding more every month! Each set also has many different page layout styles per topic in both regular and primary lines.
    Famous Inventor Notebooking Pages
    Measurement Charts and Notebooking Pages
    Timeline of History
    Famous Composer Notebooking pages
  • **New Editable PDF Format**

    Our new Editable PDF format is perfect for the child who would prefer to type up a Notebooking page. We have just introduced this style and it is featured in our Ancient Egypt Notebooking Pages set. Our editable pages have been a hit among our members. We plan on having many more Editable pages in our future sets.

    Try it out for yourself now:

    Click on each image below from our Ancient Egypt Notebooking Pages set (you can type on and print out these pages)

    Editable PDF Ancient Egypt Notebooking Pages
    Editable PDF Ancient Egypt Notebooking Pages
    Editable PDF Ancient Egypt Notebooking Pages
  • Budget Friendly

    For one small yearly fee (less than the price of a haircut) you get thousands of Notebooking Pages and homeschool printables. Reuse these Notebooking sets over and over for years to come!

  • Perfect for Any Teaching Style

    Whether your homeschool style is Charlotte Mason, Classical, Unschooler, Textbook learning, or anything else, these Notebooking pages can be implemented into your homeschool easily. Pages are perfect for all types of Homeschoolers.
  • Planning Pages for Children and Mom

    We also have Planning Pages for you and your child.  We have a few of these sets already available and plan to be adding many more planner style pages this year.
Thanksgiving Planning Pages for Mom
Thanksgiving Planning Pages for Mom
Current Products in our Notebooking Gallery

You will get instant access to everything below PLUS 1 Full Year of Updates and New Products

If you see a title in our products list that is not mentioned below, don’t worry, you will get access to it.  Sometimes It takes a little longer for me to update this page’s list of products, and it’s not as current as it should be.

Homeschool Notebooking Family: Juliet & Evan


  • Bible Products














“I would have to say these are some of the most beautiful pages I have viewed online. They have really helped put our scripture notebook together nicely. They are so colorful and helpful and thoughtfully designed. Thank you so much for such a great product and great prices!”
Proverbs Copywork for Girls~ Michelle Mann
  • Bible Notebooking Pages (view sample)Price: $9.99 Included
  • Proverbs Copywork for Girls  (view sample)Price: $5.95 Included
  • Proverbs Copywork for Boys  (view sample)Price: $5.95 Included
  • Proverbs Copywork for Elementary  (view sample)Price: $5.95 Included
  • New Testament Copywork  (view sample)Price: $2.95 Included
  • Prayer Journal  (view sample)Price: $3.99 Included
  • Bible Collection: A Hodgepodge of Bible Notebooking Pages and Prinables (Growing Collection)Price: $4.99 Included  (view sample)

Copywork Products

Copywork Notebooking pages

I bought this for my two children K and 1st grade, and I love it! They can both copy the same letters but on their own set of pages. The pages are really pretty and they create a nice looking copywork notebook.  My son loves the mini books for each letter.  He keeps all them in a manila envelope inside his notebook and shows them off to his grandparents each weekend. My only critisim is that I wish you would make more of these copywork sets, maybe for cursive handwriting. ! This set  has been a perfect fit for our family.
ABC Copywork Notebooking Pages~ Charlene D.
  • Football Themed Copywork Pages  (view sample)Price: $1.99 Included
  • ABC Copywork Notebooking Pages  (view sample)Price: $5.99 Included

Holiday Products

Holiday Notebooking Pages

  • Christmas Notebooking Journal and Mini Study  (view sample)Price: $5.99 Included
  • Let’s Have a Thankful Thanksgiving  (view sample)Price: $3.99 Included
  • Let’s Celebrate: Independence Day Notebooking Pages  (view sample)Price: $6.00 Included

History Products

History Notebooking Pages

“Wow Michelle, You’re fantastic!  I’m also awed at God’s timing.  I made copies of everything for my daughter’s history portion of the Adventures curriculum; however, I was disheartened that several weeks didn’t have pages with graphics for notebooking.  I’m actually part of a homeschool group dedicated solely for moms who use MFW curriculum.  I’m passing on your webpage to them and I think it would be wonderful if the owners of MFW knew how much you’ve expanded on the art/graphics lacking in some areas. I hope you’re doing ECC as well next year!  Praise and Blessings, Lisa Morris”
Lisa Morris
  • Early American History Notebooking Pages  (view sample)Price: $5.95 Included
  • Early American History Notebooking Pages for MFW  (view sample)Price: $5.95 Included
  • Ancient Egypt Notebooking Pages (Growing Collection)  (view sample)(view sample editable pdf pages)Price: $9.99 Included
  • Ancient Greece Mini Themed Notebooking Pages and Mini Books  (view sample)Price: $2.99 Included


TImeline Products

Timeline of History

  • Timeline of History  (view sample)Price: $8.99 Included

Famous People Products

Famous People Notebooking Pages

“Just downloaded this last week and had to tell you how much we enjoyed these beautiful pages!  There were more than enough pages for all topics of Lincoln’s life.  The titles of your pages even gave me ideas for our Lincoln unit study.  Can’t wait to see more biography pages for other famous people and presidents.”
Abraham Lincoln Notebooking Pages~Carol R.
  • Honest Abe: Abraham Lincoln Notebooking Pages  (view sample)Price: $7.95 Included
  • Interesting Inventors: Famous Inventor Notebooking Pages (Growing Collection)  (view sample)Price: $8.99 Included
  • Cool Composers: Famous Composer Notebooking Pages (Growing Collection) (view sample)Price: $8.99 Included


Planner Products

Homeschool Planner Pages

“I love how this planner helps my son, who is 10 years old, be more focused. He likes the idea of this planner because he has something to look forward to everyday, every week, and every month. I think it’s because it’s rewards focused as well. The idea that his daily allowance can be divided into four parts is both challenging and rewarding to my son – but it definitely works for us as a family too! My favorite part is also the “Character Traits” section and it teaches my son to be more conscious and aware of what he needs to develop every week. We haven’t tried the “Money Management” section but I’m sure that will definitely be a big help too. I highly recommend this planner, it is worth more than what I paid for it.”
Boy's Student Planner~-Charmel-Julia Abbey
  • Girl’s Student Planner  (view sample)Price: $6.00 Included
  • Boy’s Student Planner  (view sample)Price: $6.00 Included
  • Thanksgiving Planning Pages for Mom  (view sample)Price: $2.99 Included


Reading Log Products

Reading Logs

“These helped make our Reading section in our notebook just a little brighter, more colorful and more pleasing to look at rather than the boring old black and white log we had been using! Thanks for the great cover sheet!”
Girls Reading Log and Book Review~M.M.
  • Reading Log and Book Review for Boys  (view sample)Price: $1.00 Included
  • Reading Log and Book Review for Girls  (view sample)Price: $1.00 Included

Shakespeare Products

Shakespeare Notebooking Pages

“I used these notebooking pages with my two girls grades 5 and 7.  They enjoyed filling in the beautiful pages after each reading session.  The  elements of the story pages, such as conflict and characters, really helped the girls understand the play better.  You could even use these pages with older high schoolers, or maybe even younger than 5th grade.  Thanks for such nice pages!  I hope you will be putting out other Shakespeare pages for his other plays.”
Shakespeare Notebooking Pages~ Tina

Science Products

Science Notebooking Pages

  • Louis Pasteur Mini Study and Notebooking Set  (view sample)Price: $4.99 Included
  • Astronomy Mini Themed Notebooking Pages and Mini Books  (view sample)Price: $2.99 Included
  • Constellation Notebooking Pages (Growing Collection)  (view sample)Price: $3.99 Included

Literature Products

Literature Notebooking Pages

  • Charlotte’s Web Notebooking Pages and Copywork  (view sample)Price: $4.99 Included
  • Literary Devices Notebooking Pages (Growing Collection)  (view sample)Price: $2.99 Included

Math Products

Math Notebooking Pages

  • Two Math Languages:  Measurement Charts and Notebooking Pages  (view sample)Price: $1.99 Included

Read What Others are Saying about the Gallery…

Notebooking Gallery Membership

Wanted to tell you I am glad I made the decision to finally become a member.  I love your pages and and can’t express how thankful I am to your for such wonderful resources. The pages are so thoughtfully designed with both young and older kids in mind.  I use these with my elementary and highschooler. I also appreciate your attention to technical problems, you have been speedy and right on time.  We are just transitioning to a Charlotte Mason style learning and your notebooking sets are giving us a great foundation of materials. Thanks a million times!
Natalie Moumen

Notebooking Gallery Membership

Honestly, these notebooking pages are about the best resources I have found for the price. You have put such hard work into these pages and I think your membership should be more. But, luckily for me I have a ton of pages to use for just a few dollars a month. Many thank to you for your generosity!

Heather S.

Notebooking Gallery Membership

What can I say about the membership…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!  I am so blessed to have found this site and wish the best for you. I am overwhelmed at the pages. They are beautiful and my kids love them!

Brenda Cook

Notebooking Gallery Membership

I joined your site yesterday and thought I would let you know how pleased I am with the products.  I just started homeschooling last year and am brand new to notebooking. I just printed up the early american history pages and can’t wait to use them with my three daughters.  We plan on using the proverbs copywork for girls over the summer. My daughters are eager to start their notebook. The pages are really pretty and appealing. Thanks so much for putting this site together for others that may be new to notebooking like myself. I plan on being a member for a long time to come. God Bless!
Diana Wesley

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