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Hi, I’m Michelle.  I am just an average homeschool mom like you homeschooling my two great kids.  I stumbled upon Notebooking early on in my homeschool journey and found that it enabled me to have more freedom in my homeschool.  My children enjoyed Notebooking right away and it became the way we documented every subject.

I came across Charlotte Mason and her methods for teaching sometime later on.  I found that unknowingly we were already using many of her methods like Copywork, poetry memorization and Notebooking, which is in essence written narration. I started reading a few great books about Charlotte Mason’s teaching style and knew at once this was the path for my homeschool.  Using Notebooking together with Charlotte Mason Methods has completely transformed our homeschool life.  Like you, I longed for easy days and ultimately that is what this teaching path has given me.

Homeschooling has been quite a journey for us. We have learned so many things together. I am continually learning new things about homeschooling.  Like all other homeschool moms, I continue to strive for more relaxed days and methods of teaching that work “better” than the way we are currently learning.

After hearing about Charlotte Mason and reading about her methods of teaching I decided to implement as much as I could of this style of leaning in my homeschool.  Things like copywork, narration, art and music study, and living books are some of the methods we implemented.  These methods work, and they are easy to do, almost too easy, but yet they yield much better results than anything I’ve ever tried before.

I started creating notebooking pages and unit studies for our family to use in early 2008.  Since our family loved using them so much, I decided to start this website and offer these same notebooking and unit study sets to you.  Every family is so different in their needs and I realized that my notebooking pages might be able to fill a need in another family, just like they have in mine.

Aside from homeschool, I am also a wife to a wonderful husband.  I enjoy reading, writing, bible study, natural living, organic cooking, and yoga when I have time.  I am a born again Christian, and everyday I strive to live a life that glorifies my savior.

I hope you enjoy what this site has to offer.  I would LOVE to hear from you, so please leave a comment and let me know you stopped by:)

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