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Charlotte Mason style Homeschool Curriculum study guides and resources lists

During my almost 7 years of Homeschooling I have kept detailed lists of books and resources that our family has used and enjoyed.  It seems the things we have enjoyed the most have been the simple things…a great living book, a great board game to reinforce our history lessons, simple written narrations, and of course the beautiful Notebooks compiled from our studies that we can look at again and again.

It is my passion to share these resources with you, in a simple and easy to understand format, so that you too may use them in your own homeschool.

I have used many boxed curriculum packages, and while I have loved many aspects of most of them, I enjoy picking and choosing my own books and making things up as I go along.  The “boxed” idea is great for some, but it is easy to get bogged down with a checklist and feel like you are always running behind.  My idea was, “If I have paid all this money for this Teacher’s Manual and set of 15 books, we WILL read every one of them and do EVERYTHING the TM says to do! I will get my money’s worth out of this!

Maybe this is just my personality, but once I made the switch from the boxed to the pick and choose from here and there, it took a load off my shoulders and freed my imagination to pursue my own way of choosing topics, books, and curriculum for my children.

To me, the most important aspect of a curriculum or a study guide is how simple it is to understand and how easy it is to implement.  Some guides look great on the surface, but once you delve into them they are just too hard to actually use.  I want to enjoy learning with my children and I find that simple is better, and more fun!

It will definitely take some time to put all of my notes together for each topic and get them uploaded here for you.  This is a work in progress for me, but as each new study guide is finished I will send out an email to let you know it is available.  Please join my email list so you can stay informed and updated when new guides are added.

Below is an outline of subjects that you can expect a Study Guide/Resource List for in the near future. All guides and book lists will fit into a Charlotte Mason Approach and will include living books, narration, copywork, short lessons, and other Charlotte Mason friendly materials.  You can also expect Notebooking Pages sets to go along with most of these subjects.  This is just a starting point, and if things progress well I hope to add more topics, especially to the History section.



  • Genesis
  • Exodus
  • Leviticus
  • Numbers
  • Deuteronomy




  • Ancient Egypt
  • Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Rome




  • Resource guide for several famous artists and composers


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