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Homeschool Notebooking -BachClassical music appreciation enriches our lives.  There are many articles on the internet declaring the positive results one can gain by just listening to this music.

Most children will not naturally be exposed to the great masters of music.  It is something we must intentionally expose our children to, and they will be all the more better for it.

My son, at the time in second grade, fell in love with Mozart.  He listened to his cd’s over and over at bedtime, read book after book on his own about Mozart’s life, and made written narrations about his reading, all without me asking him to any of it.  Mozart simply awakened something inside of him.  It moved him.  And this is what it should do.

As with picture study, music study only takes a small amount of time per week.  The nice thing about music is that you can listen to it while you are working doing chores, eating, driving, drawing, bed time, or just relaxing.

This is the easiest subject to add to your homeschool studies.  You can usually fit it in somewhere even if you have a busy schedule.

To get started simply choose a composer from the list below.  This is not an extensive list by any means, but it will definitely get you up and going.

Most libraries carry composers cd’s for you to check out.  Let your children listen to a few songs one to two days per week.  They will soon find their favorites and least favorites, and either this composer will go on their favorites list, or he will tossed out as not very good to listen to.

My children have loved almost every composer we have studied, with the exception of Debussy.  We listened to one of his cd’s in i’s entirety, and my children almost cried one day when I  pulled out the Debussy cd for our car ride.  I realized then that they just didn’t like his style, at least not right now.  When high school comes they made find an appreciation for his music.

As with our artist studies, we generally study 1-2 composers each term.  If we really like the composer we might read a biography and streatch it out the entire term.  If we aren’t that interested in him, as the case with Debussy, we will skip the biograpgy and cut it short at 6 weeks.

Here is a list of composers to get your feet off the ground…there are many others, this is just a starting point.

Visit the links below to see Recommended Resources & Notebooking Pages we carry for each composer.


Famous Composers to Get You Started


  • Haydn
  • Schumann
  • Liszt
  • Debussy
  • Rachmaninoff
  • Gershwin
  • Mozart
  • Tchaikovosky
  • Brahms
  • Bartok
  • Purcell
  • Verdi
  • Scarlatti
  • Joplin
  • Kabalevsky
  • Ravel
  • Stravinisky
  • Brahms


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