Bible Scripture Memorization

“I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.”Psalm 119:11


Homeschool Notebooking-bible memorizationAs a parent, one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children is the gift of God’s most holy word, spoken into their lives, and embedded into their hearts and minds.

Scripture memorization is extremely easy and takes very little time to incorporate into your school day.  My children started memorizing scriptures in Kindergarten. We take a few minutes each and every day to work on this, and over time they have acquired a collection of scriptures stored up in their little minds, just waiting for the right time somewhere in the near future to spring into memory and into action.

As adults, we too need to store God’s word in our minds as well, so this is one subject you will want to do with your children.  Yes, mom gets quizzed on the scriptures too!

Scripture memorization is just like poetry memorization.  You first read the scripture out loud to your children.  Talk with them about what the scripture means and help them think of ways they can apply the scripture to their lives. Discuss with them the meaning of any new vocabulary words, then just take a few minutes each day to work on memorizing it.

I usually print the scripture out and hang it up in our school area.  The children get to read it to themselves and work on memorization, and then we all take turns trying to say as much as we can of it.  If someone gets a word or phrase wrong I quickly tell them the correct phrasing and have them repeat it back to me. We work on the same scripture everyday until everyone knows it by heart, we then file it, and move on to a new scripture next time.

Please don’t worry about how long it takes your family to memorize each scripture.  It’s okay if takes a few days or  a few weeks or more.  The important thing is that you are hiding God’s word in your heart and the hearts of your children. Also, please don’t be afraid to try and learn long verses of scripture.  Believe me, your kids can do it!  Just give it a try.

How to file scriptures:

Once you learn a scripture, if you don’t keep repeating it often, you will forget it.  Nothing is worse than to work

on learning a long Psalm, and after two months of not repeating it, realize your children have totally forgotten it.

File BoxThe best way to keep track of the scriptures that you have learned is to file them in a systematic way that allows for routine exposure to the scripture.

The best way I have found to do this is write each scripture memorized on an index card and file it away in a file box.



Filebox setup

Purchase two packages of file box dividers (you know, the numbered ones), you will need 48.

Use some sort of sticky tabs to label your dividers as follows:

Use one divider for each of the following




File Box Dividers

Monday-Friday (use 5 dividers and label one each for all 5 days of the week. I omitted Saturday and Sunday because my family usually gets side tracked on the weekends and we don’t always remember to recite scripture. )

1-31  (for the days of the month, label one tab for each day)

Arrange your dividers in your file box in the order they are listed above.  Now it’s time to file them.

When you are working on memorizing a scripture place that scripture behind the Daily tab. When you move on to the next scripture, place the new one behind Daily, and advance the daily scripture to next tab which would be Even. Perform the same routine everytime a new scripture is learned, always advancing scriptures further back each time a new one is added.   In this way you will slowly start to fill in behind your tabs.

Every time you get ready to do your scripture memorization, simply read the scriptures behind the appropriate tabs that pertain to the current day of the week, even or odd day, the date of today, and anything behind daily.  You will constantly be reviewing all scriptures on a monthly basis.

Occasionally,  my children start forgetting scriptures that are only reviewed once a month.  When this happens I simply move that scripture behind the Daily tab.  Sometimes we collect 3-4 scriptures behind our daily tab if review is necessary.

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