Free General Timeline Pages

Free General Timeline Notebooking Pages for any topic or time period.

Narration Cube for Story Elements

Narration cubes are a fun way to add variety to oral or written narrations. Directions: After reading children roll the cube to see which element of the story they will narrate. Story Elements are: Setting Characters Plot Theme Climax Favorite (the child’s favorite part of the story) If your are reading aloud as a family […]

Free Composer Notebooking Pages

Download Now These Free Composer Notebooking Pages can be used with any composer you choose.  Just grab a living book about your composer, and use these pages to write about all you’ve learned. Find out more about how to study a composer here. This set includes: Regular and Small Primary lined pages Cover Sheet General biography Pages […]

Free Multiplication Facts Drill Sheet

Multiplication Facts Drill Sheet (Click on Image to download) We use this sheet for our multiplication drill.  I write multiplication problems in each box and give a two minute drill to help with speed.  I work on one fact, like the two times tables, and give the drill each day until it is mastered in […]

Free Mini-Office Pages

Mini Offices are great little places to store information that students need for each subject.  We will soon be adding a section here at our site to help you with setting up mini offices for your homeshool.  In the meantime, below are various mini office inserts for a range of subjects. [hr] Language Arts [hr] […]

Free General Notebooking Pages

General Notebooking Pages are great to print out and keep close by your school area.  Print out a variety of styles to have on hand for Notebooking any subject on short notice.  The general Notebooking pages below come in regular and primary lines. [hr] Free Plain Notebooking Pages [one_fourth] Regular/Primary [/one_fourth] [one_fourth] Regular/Primary [/one_fourth] [one_fourth] […]

Free Language Arts Noteboking Pages

Yes, Language Arts can be Notebooked too! Below you will find various pages for language arts including grammar and spelling.  These pages have helped our family in this area. [hr] Spelling [hr] I created the Spelling Sheets to use with IEW Phonetic Zoo which is what our family used for spelling for many years until […]

Free Reading Logs

Kids LOVE reading logs.  At least my kids do.  While older kids may keep a simple 3 ring binder as their reading log, younger kids usually prefer colorful pages.  Use these pages to keep an ongoing list of all the books your child reads independently or out loud throughout the year. [hr] Covers [hr] [one_half] […]

Free Planning/Record Keeping

Planning and record keeping is a must for homeschool families.  Here are a few pages I created for my family to help keep us organized and happy.  If there are certain pages you would like to see here…please leave a comment below and let us know. [hr] Year Book [hr] Student Sheets Use these pages […]

Free Animal and Insect Notebooking Pages (Growing Collection)

Nature Study Notebooking Pages are a ton of fun!  We use these pages to notebook various things in nature we find throughout the year.  We keep an ongoing Nature Notebook Journal and we just keep adding to it year after year…until it’s time to get a new one. Most pages are both regular and primary […]