Medieval Times Notebooking Pages: History Notebook Helper

Middle Ages Notebooking Pages: History Notebook Helper


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What is the History Notebook Helper?

Our History Notebook Helper (HNH) is divided into the following four time periods:

  1. Ancient Times
  2. Medieval Times
  3. Early Modern Times
  4. Modern Times
Each time period includes the following sets of notebooking pages:
  • Notebook Dividers
  • General / Mini Book Notebooking Pages
  • Timeline Noteboking Pages
  • A-Z Subject Notebooking Pages (View a TOC of current subjects for Medieval Times…this is a growing collection of pages)
Page Layouts Include:
  • Regular, Primary, and Small Primary Lines for all page styles
  • Every page style has a continuation page (that is the page you use when your child has a lot to write about and needs a second, or third notebooking page with just lines)

 Features of our History Notebook Helper Pages:

  • Can be used with children of all ages from grades K-12.
All page styles and layouts come in three types of lines:
Primary:  These are lines for K to around 3rd or 4th grade.
Small Primary: These lines are a perfect middle between primary and regular lines.  These are great for learning cursive or transitioning to regular lined paper.
Regular:  These lines are for older kids of about 4th grade and up.

  • Allows for quick and easy setup of History Notebook
HNH has all of the basic notebooking pages your child will need to quickly get started notebooking history.  All pages are color coded by time period to provide a more consistent look throughout your notebook.

Click below to view sample pages:

  • The Notebook Dividers are a perfect way to organize your notebook.  Use as many or as few as them as you like.  It’s your notebook. These dividers are only a tool, and you should pick and choose what will work for your family.
  • The General /Mini Book Notebooking Pages are perfect for any topic.  Each box on every page is just the right size to use with one of our Mini Books.  Mini Books are great for kids who want a little bit of extra pizzazz on their page.
  • The Timeline Notebooking Pages are great place for kids to organize their reading and put information they have learned in a timeline format.  Pick and choose and use these pages with any topic.
  • The A-Z Subject Notebooking pages are filled with many subjects from your time period, including famous people, events, wars, etc. and this is a growing collection of pages that is added to often.
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