Astronomy Mini Themed Notebooking Pages and Mini Books

Astronomy Mini Themed Notebooking Pages & Mini Books


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These general purpose Astronomy Notebooking Pages will go along with any book you choose. They are good to have on hand to Notebook any Astronomy topic.

Several layouts to choose from in both regular and primary lines.  This set comes with Mini Books that fit into the boxes on all your pages…use these to add a little excitement to your pages and notebooks.

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What does this themed set include?

  • A Notebook Cover Sheet
  • Several layouts inboth regular and primary lined pages
  • Landscape pages
  • Continuation pages (these are a must)
  • Nice themed images to decorate each page
  • A unique page border
  • A unique font

What is special about these themed sets?

Each themed set comes with Mini Books that fit perfectly inside the boxes on each Notebooking Page.

You see, I wanted a way to add a little bit of lapbooking flair to our pages without having to create a complete lapbook (we are not much of a lapbooking family).  The mini books give my children a way to dress up their page with illustrations, maps, questions and answers, diagrams, timelines or whatever else they can think of.

The best part for me is that I can print out several copies of each Mini Book, cut them out ahead of time, and put them in a container in our school area.   When it’s time to Notebook, the Mini Books are ready to go and they all fit perfectly on all of the pages.  It’s a real time saver for me. Oh, and don’t forget, you can print them on colored paper to really add some color to your pages!


  • Choose a topic you are going to be studying and print out the entire Themed Set in advance.  Sets are small, so they’re easy to print out in entirety,  and have several nice layout styles.
  • Put the pages in a file in your school area where they are easy to access.  You can show older children where the pages and Mini Books are so that your job is easier.  When you say “It’s time to Notebook!” they know where their supplies are and can get started right away. (I hate it when I say, “Okay, Let’s Notebook,” only to find out I haven’t printed out any pages for the children.  No one likes waiting on mom to print out pages.


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